February 14, 2012

Is American democracy dead?

In America, where we like to tout democracy like the greatest thing since apple pie, you'd hope we'd have this whole "voting" thing figure out. But then the 2000 election showed that people didn't know how the fill out ballots. Now a report comes out that there are 1.8 DEAD million people registered to vote in this country.

What does that mean? Well if a zombie ever runs for president, they'll definitely get the "dead" vote which is probably more potent than the "under 25 college student know it all but is too high or lazy to vote" demographic.

Here's a bit from Gawker...

The Director of Pew's Election Initiatives, David Becker, told Politico that the center's findings did not suggest any voter fraud or voter suppression stemmed from these problems. But, jeez, it really doesn't look good, right?

Voting registration systems in many states are still paper-based, meaning that election offices must perform vast quantities of data-entry by hand. These methods, Pew found, are as costly, error-ridden, and inefficient as they are quaint.

Over one-fourth of the country that is eligibly to vote isn't even registered, meaning that our American democracy is about as healthy as our American waistlines. I'm totally sure that those 51 million Americans that aren't registered never complain about the government, their leaders, how life in America is or how stupid it is we celebrate Whitney Houston's death over the death of America soldiers with clever Facebook postings. Nope not a single one... (That's sarcasm if you didn't pick up on it.)

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