February 18, 2012

Stuckey Update: Lighting up the Kings

Hey remember this guy?

EWU's Rodney Stuckey finished with a season-high 36 points last night and the Detroit Pistons beat the Sacramento Kings 114-108.

While not a battle of the titans, both teams are a combined 20-42 on the season, but it's good to see Stuckey continue to do good things in the NBA.

"We were getting easy buckets just by pushing the ball," Stuckey said to AP. "We were getting out on the break, Brandon [Knight] was pushing the ball, and I was getting rim attacks. That's my game."

Stuckey is averaging 14.7 points per game and 4.1 assists this season, and has scored over 20 in his past three games. This is his fifth year in the NBA but it's been a sluggish start to the year, however he might be on the rise for a second-half surge.

Either way, five years in the NBA means he's better than any Gonzaga player in the NBA from the past 15 years (We're not counting John Stockton, of course).

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