April 26, 2012

The game that nobody wants to play

The NFL and NFL players' union is thinking about getting rid of the Pro Bowl. Too bad the average fan wont notice because they haven't watched the Pro Bowl for years.

Lets be honest, nobody would be really heartbroken if the NFL got rid of the Pro Bowl. It's become something of the red-headed step child of pro sports all-star games. Why? Because in basketball and baseball you can still play a pretty high level type of game without somebody getting hurt. But football? Gotta play at half speed otherwise Aaron Rodgers is knocked out for a year with a knee injury.

ESPN reported earlier Thursday, citing league sources, that the delay in naming a venue was because the Pro Bowl game "likely will be suspended this season and beyond," with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell "strongly considering" the move.

Goodell previously openly condemned the lack of competitiveness in recent Pro Bowl games, despite decent television ratings indicating fans were still keen to watch.

The ESPN report indicated that even if the annual game is shelved, teams would be instructed to still honor Pro Bowl incentives to avoid a clash with the players' union.

Here's some questions I do have though... will they take away the NFC and AFC All-Stars off Madden? What will the one fan that bought a Pro Bowl jersey do? The horror...

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