November 30, 2012

Michael Jordan banned from golf course

The greatest basketball player of all time was kicked off a golf course because he was wearing cargo shorts. In other news, golf courses need to realize its 2012 and 1902.

(I'm talking about Michael Jordan, the guy that was on this poster)

The La Gorce Country Club in Miami, Florida, reportedly kicked Jordan off the links in the middle of his game and banned him from ever returning because he violated the club's strict dress code. 

Not even Jordan, with his six NBA championship rings, reported half-billion-dollar fortune and worldwide recognition, could escape the policy at the golf course that demands a tucked in collared shirt and Bermuda shorts.

My question is why? Wouldn't the golf course benefit from having a celebrity on the links? Do you think any of the other golfers would complain that Michael Jordan had cargo shorts on? Its not like he's out there dressed like Homer Simpson.

(And if you're a Jordan fan, get this)

Dress Codes are incredibly stupid on golf courses because very rarely do you see other golfers outside of your group up close and person except at the pro shop or waiting for somebody to play through. But in true rich person fashion, if somebody else is doing something they don't do, it's a problem. I'm wishing Michael would just buy the golf course (He can afford it).

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