January 29, 2013

Taco Bell pulled an ad that mocked vegetables

Taco Bell has dropped the gloves for their latest ad, going all in to make fun of vegetables. Considering they've probably added to the country's obesity problem by leaps and bounds, it seems rather counter-productive to be making fun of healthy food.

But then again, Taco Bell does continue to come up menu items that cause instant heart attacks.

The attack on vegetables, however, has drawn some criticism and the fast food chain has pulled their ad. 

NEW YORK -- Taco Bell is pulling a TV ad after receiving complaints that it discouraged people from eating vegetables.

The ad by the fast-food chain was touting its variety 12-pack of tacos, with a voiceover saying that bringing a vegetable tray to a party is "like punting on fourth and one." It said that people secretly hate guests who bring vegetables to parties.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a health advocacy group, this weekend urged people to tweet their complaints about the ad and the chain quickly made the decision to pull it.

But just wait until next week when they release the World's Largest Burrito or something like that.

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