February 4, 2008

What people are thinking...

With our handy-dandy mind-reader we've been able to figure out what certain people have been thinking after the Super Bowl...

Eli Manning: Dinosaurs are cool! Look I can make a dinosaur noise, RAWRRR! See, didn't that sound like a dinosaur.

Bill Belicheck: Well apparently I get a rebate on selling my soul to the devil now.

Terry Bradshaw: I smell jerky!

Las Vegas: Awwww, hell.

Rex Grossman: If Eli can do it than I can do! Come on, right guys? Why are you taping me to my locker again guys? What's that big nest of bees doing over there... and why are you putting honey on my chest right now?

Peyton Manning: I'm so proud of my little brother. Thank goodness we started doing commercials together. The League of the Future will catch on.

Tom Coughlin: Now maybe NY will stop wanting to fire me. Please?

Trent Green: What? The season is over? When did this happen? I don't even remember it.

John Madden: I could use a Tur-duck-hen. Does Bradshaw have Jerky?

Jeremy Shockey: Ha! Try and win without me guys. Try and beat the Patriots, yeah that's right, I'm going to get wasted up in the luxury suite on national television and you guys can just go pound sand. Oh wait.. damn... you're winning... stop that you're ruining my free agent contract! Plex -- I thought we were tight man.

Joe Buck: How'd you like my performance in my Super Bowl commercial? Why won't you acknowledge me off the air Troy? I am not a joke, Troy? People are not laughing behind my back, Troy? Did you fall asleep again, Troy?

Jerry Manning: Man, wow, sucks being the older brother.

Archie Manning: I'm glad that early 70s microwave accident didn't ruin any of my stock.

Tom Petty: Glad I got that hair dye just in time.

Kurt Warner: I remember that feeling. Instead now I am a backup in the state where the Super Bowl was just held.

Brett Favre: "There was an old woman, who lived in a shoe..."

'72 Dolphins: Thank you Giants. Eli, we love you. Eh em. We mean....that love....it was simply platonic.

Tony Romo: Jessica, heehee. Tickle fight!

Tom Brady: Hello ladies. How you doin?

Peter Griffin: SHAPOOPEE!

Roger Clemens: You know you all should really pay attention to the Super Bowl. I mean forget about baseball, it's really not America's sport anymore. Forget about baseball. Steriods, yeah forget about those too. And uh, just forget about me as well please, and make sure to check back in when they do the Hall-of-Fame voting.

Jake Plummer: I need some comfort food.

Tiki Barber: Well that couldn't have gone any worse for me. Unless of course snakes rained from the sky and bit me. Then that might be considerably worse, but otherwise it's been a pretty terrible weekend for me.

Randy Moss: I should have stayed in Oakland and starred in that animated feature "Space Blitz" with Bugs Bunny and Blippo the amazing pot lighter. Oh, that was a hallucination, great, now I'm glad I came here.

Blink 182: We should get back together to do the half-time show.

The State of Montana: The NFL says that we are the 53 state in line for a team if they expand. Behind Hawaii, L.A., London and Guam.

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