November 2, 2008

You will be missed...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We’re gathered here today to remember a good friend, someone who gave us countless weekends of enjoyment and hope. They had a good run, even brought us an NBA title in 1979, but was tragically declared dead by authorities after a 127-13 drubbing taken by all three of it’s Div. I football teams last weekend.

What makes this tough to swallow is the fact that they were the life of the party on many occasions. They won 116 games a couple of years ago in baseball, but their skills deteriorated, retired or were traded away and the replacement parts were grossly overpriced.

They beat Texas in the Holiday Bowl and were among the nation’s top programs, but one coach let the program slip into mediocrity and a new one is struggling to pick the pieces up, or even score a point.

They once shared a National Title, but now the only thing they might be sharing in the future is Qwest Field if they can’t get state money to renovate their crumbling stadium.

They once had FCS national title hopes coming into this season, now they’ll be lucky to finish above .500. Meanwhile, a Texas Tech squad they played so closely in the first game of the season is ranked No. 2 in the BCS.

They were tragically ripped away from us, much like the basketball team in Oklahoma City and it will be a long, Tyrone Willinghamless journey to recovery. However there’s one thing that we can take solace in, it’s not how they lost but how they won.


Like 1995, or that Super Bowl run a few years ago. Although even after the end this Saturday, they still found a way to lose to the Philadelphia Eagles.

We will miss them greatly, and we hope they find a better place, or at least a higher place in the AL West standings.

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