November 27, 2008

Not very thankful

I don't consider myself a very demanding fan.

When the Seattle Seahawks made the Super Bowl in 2005, I was just happy that they were there. Apparently the team and referees thought the same thing.

When the Red Sox got batted around by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the ALCS, I couldn't get two angry since the team has had two World Series Championships since 2004.

The Cougs win the Apple Cup? Swell, they're not the worst team in college football. UW is.

WSU makes the NCAA Tournament in basketball? Everything after that is gravy.

The Titans lose their bid at 16-0? Oh well, they're still one hell of a team.

It's not that I don't live or die with every team. I want them to win and be successful but I understand that in order for sports to be interesting, teams are going to have good or bad years.

This year has definitely been a bad year for Seattle. But it's not your average "same ol' Seahawks" season (2-10 and last place in the NFC West). It seems that since I've started watching the Hawks, the seasons have gone like this...

(1) Seattle gets off to a hot start but nobody in the media notices them. Then as soon as somebody goes "here come the Seahawks" they fall apart and finish 8-8.

(2) In a weak NFC West, Seattle proves to be the most consistent and wins the division easily with a balanced offense and a stout defense. They do make in interesting though and prove themselves to be a "tweener" when it comes to good and great teams in the NFL.

(3) The Seahawks just suck.

I've been through the third option a couple of times, and the funny thing about that is you know after watching how the team plays in the first game of the season. I watched the Seahawks in their first game this year and was "man it's going to be one of those years."

6-10 would be amazing at this point, but what really strikes me as interesting and different from other "The Seahawks just suck" years is that there should be no reason why the Seahawks are this bad. When Rick Mirer is your quarterback you expect the worst.

But when you have a roster that improved over the offseason, that turns me into one of those fans that yells at the television everytime a play doesn't game 30 yards. You know those guys, yeah, they're called Green Bay Packer fans.

Sure their receiver corp went through tryouts for the new "Final Destination" movie and Matt Hasselbeck's back decided to liquefy but what happened to that improved running game and the defense?

I mean if the Hawks could win a playoff game with a running back who fell down when somebody sneezed on him - they only had to get better with Duckett and Jones.

This season is different because for the first time while watching the Seahawks, I'm extremely disappointed. Throughout their history, Seattle has never done this to me.

They've been crappy, but there wasn't expectations to win 10 games either.

They've been good and lost late in the season, but any trip to the postseason is something I consider to be a success.

They've never had a roster with this much talent and under achieved sooo much. I know in the early 90s they had an awesome defense and terrible offense, but at least one unit on the team was doing well. When it comes to the 2008 Seahawks, nothing is clicking anywhere.

And what frustrates me the most is that there is no way I can put my finger on why they're so bad. How did this happen?

I'm going to label this season under the "date you get with the hot girl that turns out to be terrible when you realize she actually has a small wispy moustache."


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