April 23, 2009

High School Sports Feature: Islanders Name New Coach

The Islanders of Mercer Island High School have named a successor to Legen......wait for it and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because here it comes....Dary!! boys head basketball coach Ed Pepple. Mercer Islands new head coach will be 5 year assistant (2 years at the Varsity level) Gavin Cree, he is the first new coach for the Islanders in 43 years.

Cree played for the Islanders from 1996-2000 and was a 2 year Varsity letterman. He was on the team that won the 1999 state championship and was the captain of the 2000 squad.

Replacing a Hall of Famer is a large task but Pepple has given Cree a ringing endorsement, calling him " a dyed-in-the-wool Islander"

The task at hand for Gavin Cree is replacing a man who spent 42 years coaching the Islanders and in that time Pepple compiled 880 victories (952 total wins with his time at Fife High School) and 4 state championships. You can read more about Ed Pepple here

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