June 19, 2009

Things America should do instead of playing World of Warcraft

1. Learn to play soccer so we can actually beat somebody when the World Cup comes around. I'm tired of quaking in my boots when we face Trinidad.

2. Discover some way how we can connect all those exercise machines to power plants and generate electricity. Think about it, America would get thinner and become less dependent on oil.

3. Watch hockey again.

4. Read a little and grasp a basic understanding of the english language so we can stop having "Hotzeechicka23045" log online and say things like "Thatz my girel!" and "Ima hot stuf!"

5. Spend more time perfecting that MySpace shot that shows juuust enough cleavage.

6. Spokie mentoring. Every spokie needs a mentor. Where else are they going to get their drugs?

7. Finally realize that Magic Johnson is the worst tv personality ever.

8. Cribbage anyone?

9. Tell somebody is the US government that all those workers they pay for road construction are taking a little TOO long of coffee breaks. In fact, they actually made you hold the stop sign for a few minutes while they got some joe.

10. Make fun of Tony Romo's ghetto booty.

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