July 11, 2009

Man Card Rules - Tight Pants

Remember in high school (circa 1999-2003... god, I'm an old man) when any jeans that were even close to tight were immediately made fun of? There was always that kid, usually me, that had Walmart-bought Wranglers that weren't extremely tight but they didn't have any play in them.

Now tight moose-knuckle jeans are apparently the it thing. I'm going to sound like a grumpy old man but what the hell?

Wranglers seem like parachutes compared to these things and the photo to the right doesn't do justice to just how tight some guys are wearing their jeans these days.

Listen... on women it's fine. On guys? You look like an idiot. When jeans look like they're sprayed onto your legs, it's time to look into a new sense of wardrobe.

If you're wearing anything tighter than Wranglers, please hand over your man card.

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