July 28, 2009

Matt Hasselbeck has found Twitter

Apparently Matt Hasselbeck has been screwing around with Twitter and caused quite a ruckus. He posted the following yesterday, causing Hawk fans to collectively take a dump in their pants.

I either have an ear infection or some bees crawled in my ear, stung me, and are building a bee hive.

Matt Hasselbeck ladies and gentlemen! Boy he's funny. I haven't heard something that funny since "We want the ball and we're gonna score" or whatever mess he made up in Green Bay.

Now people were freaking out because ear infections can be a serious deal if you're a player because it affects your depth perceptions and sense of balance - something you might need while playing football.

This caused the Seahawks to post a news story that basically said "Boy that Twitter, it sure is funny. Matt's okay though. Seriously he's fine. HE'S FINE!!!"

I'm beginning to really enjoy this Twitter thing.

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