July 9, 2009

MLS Salaries

I found an interesting link today. It's' all the salaries of the 2009 MLS players. View it here.

Here's some of the things I found the most interesting.

1. Pro soccer players get screwed in this country. They make nothing compared to some of the other pro sports.

2. Ten players in the league make $21,100. I make more than that and I'm a freelance journalist.

3. The highest paid player is David Beckham of the Los Angeles Galaxy. He makes $5,500,000. Pay that guy less!

4. Kasey Keller of the Seattle Sounders FC makes $300,000. Pay that guy more!

5. Most of the players make around $35,000. Nothing to brag about. And these are pro athletes.

6. The Chivas, currently the 2nd best team in the MLS, their highest payed player is Sacha Kljestan. He makes $170,000.

7. Houston's highest player (the best team in the MLS) makes $248,050. That doesn't seem too bad to the fact that the New York Red Bulls (the worst team in the MLS) as a player making $1,500,000.

8. I should have played soccer.

9. Fredy Montero, AKA the guy who scores all of Seattle's goals only makes $155,000. I see that number exploding if he continues to have such a good year.

10. Did I mention David Beckham makes too much money to not even be a part of that team?

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