July 14, 2009

Movies I really regret watching...

So one of my friends said we should watch this because he basically broke up with his ex because she liked this movie and he though it was the most f-ed up thing he'd ever seen. After watching the movie. I agree. Lets just say burning bodies aren't exactly my idea of enjoyment.

Okay, Rocky 5 and 6 NEVER HAPPENED. Can Nike seize the film canisters and hide them somewhere.

Remember when Eddie Murphy was making Beverly Hills Cop and was like the most popular human being on earth. What exactly happened?

(Sigh) This was a mistake.

Vin Diesel actually doesn't do any acting in this movie. He just stares at the camera for an hour and a half flexing, which doesn't quite work with his double chin.

I actually just typed in "Air Bud 4" and this came up. That's right, four movies have been made involving a golden retriever that plays sports. Ladies and Gentlemen, America!

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