September 11, 2009

The legal problems have not distracted Big Ben

I'm not going to try and analyze the first game of the season and try to come up with some all-encompassing statement. And I'm not going to rant about how much the Steelers always have a game like this (playing good jussst enough to win).

Instead, I'm going to do the progressive thing and mention the things I'm doing to erase the 13-10 overtime loss by the Tennessee Titans from the backside of my skull.

1. Cribbage It's a wonderful card game that old people and single men play. I'm single, therefore, I play cribbage.

2. Watching the Dark Knight and swearing that it's actually Stephon Marbury playing the mentally unstable, destructive Joker.

3. Drinking lots of beer with Diana Taurasi. What could possibly go wrong?

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