October 9, 2009

Casey's guide to surviving a zombie invasion

Perhaps you've seen Casey's videos "The Northern Rangers" where he goes around doing amazing hikes, bike rides and even a little spelunking. While thats all fine and dandy, he forgot to convert his plan of surviving a zombie invasion to video.

You see, Casey plans for everything, including the the rising of the undead.

Step 1 - Do away with zombie fiancee. (She was actually a zombie before the invasion started)

Step 2 - Gather Supplies... Shotguns. Flares. A large assortment of sharp things. A can of Raid. Google Phone. Windows Vista. A copy of Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother. Bible. Holy Water. More Shotguns. Dynamite. Portable NES.

Step 3 - Find a suitable fortress to fight against the Zombie Invasion.

(That will totally do. AWESOME....)

Step 4 - Do away with lifeless corpses in the stadium that could potentially turn into zombies...

Step 5 - Recruit group of zombie-fighting survivors...

1. Bill O'Reilly - because who would want to eat his brains?
2. Mike Tyson - he's accustomed to things that bite human flesh.
3. Randy Johnson - did you see what he did to that bird?
4. Jenna Jamison - she knows a thing or two about handling stiff, scary looking things.
5. Paul Wulff - he's been dealing with zombies the entire football season.

Step 6 - Wait for this guy to kill all the zombies...


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