October 6, 2009

Favre vs. the Packers Epic Game Log

Since this was the biggest game ever played in the history of the NFL (according the ESPN) and will be remembered for years to come by the children of our children (or until next week), I decided to game log it. Please keep in mind I missed the first five minutes because I was picking up dinner at Arbys and they were handing out free samples meaning that every person above the age of 60 was leaching off the spoils of a crappy economy.

5:58 -
I find it kind of ironic the Minnesota Vikings are sporting the throwback jerseys, and had the Favre been drafted by Vikings, he probably would have worn these jerseys.

(The Packers had throwback jerseys on too but nobody noticed because they haven't changed their jerseys since 1956)

6:01 -
Signs that Brett Favre is your quarterback - you're going for it on fourth down in the first quarter.

6:03 -

6:09 -
TOUCHDOWN RODGERS! He's not kidding folks, he's come here to prove that even though he's the dopiest looking quarterback since Kerry Collin, he's not as bad as Kerry Collins.

6:15 -
Why did the equipment manager get Favre a XXXL jersey that hangs at his knees? Is it kind of like since you're old you get a pass when you walk around the neighborhood in nothing but underwear.

6:24 - Love Minnesota fans, they packed the Metrodome and have been loud the entire time. They deserve a game like this.

6:27 - INT by Rodgers, he learned it from the best of them.

6:35 - Most terrifying sight for Packers fans - Brett Favre with feet set rifling a ball down field. The alternative - a run by Adrian Peterson. Yeah, not a good night for Green Bay.

6:39 - TOUCHDOWN FAVRE! 14-7 and then he gives a patented fist pump followed by a cut to a fan that looks to be either an extra from Conan the Barbarian or Brad Childress' brother that was raised in the wilderness.

6:47 - Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy was just compared by the MNF booth to Marty Shottenhiemer. So in a game where Brett Favre is lighting up the scoreboard, the Packers' coach is compared to one of the most conservative coaches in NFL history. Not a good night.

6:50 - The Packers' Clay Matthews strips the ball and ran it back for a TD and throws it into the Minnesota crowd as an extra little FU for the crowd.

HALFTIME - and for an old fart like me, that means nap time.

7:24 -
What does Green Bay need to do to stop Brett Favre? Stop the government from mailing his social security checks.

7:29 - Favre got so much time in the pocket, they cut to commercial and came back an he was still looking at his check-down options. He promptly scores for the Vikings and the Green Bay Police are officially driving around town looking for jumpers.

7:49 -
Packers get stuffed in a goal-line stand, and now are officially in "Oh CRAP Mode!"

Now going the other way, Green Bay's new defensive scheme is "let the opposing team do whatever they want."

8:14 -
Easy Jon Gruden, don't strain yourself praising Brett Favre.

8:19 -
After getting sacked for a safety, and the Packers having throw the red flag just to get the safety instead of a fumble at the goaline, I think we can officially say they're having a bad night.

8:48 - That photo above is of Jared Allen, he likes to eat a lot. Mainly NFL QBs and probably a couple of small bears that stray to far from the wilderness.

8:51 -
Packers do manage to make it a close 30-23 game, but the great onside kick is nullified by the fact that Green Bay couldn't make a clutch play to save its life.

"Brett Favre has beaten ever team in the NFL, the only player in history to do it" was said roughly 340 times during the post-game show.

8:53 - Akward hug moment between Favre and Donald Driver where Favre basically crushes Driver against his facemask. A little too emotional there bud.

8:55 -
I'd like to close with saying that why the heck would Brett Favre want to retire? We all demonize him but No. 4 would be sitting on the couch right now if he had. Instead, he's on the top of the football world right now at 4-0.

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