December 2, 2009

A plea to the Red Sox... GET ROY HALLADAY!

To the right of this article is Roy Halladay, who had a heck of shut down season last year and probably is among the five best pitchers in the league. He plays for Toronto, which is not a good baseball team. The Blue Jays tried to trade him this season, but couldn't find a good enough deal (read: an entire team) for him.

However, during this offseason teams are lining up at the door to get him and obviously the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are in the front of the line. While he might be a little past his prime in terms of age, he would definitely be a key pawn in the divisional battle between the Red Sox and Yankees.

Let me be the first to say that the Red Sox NEED Roy Halladay. Why? Because their franchise is floundering somewhat. Some prospects haven't worked out, guys are getting old, there's no "spark" guy in the lockerroom or the lineup. They need something to get everybody excited for the 2010 season, because the current roster- while good - doesn't exactly scream World Series.

And then you have the Yankees, who obviously won it all this year and are sitting on a stockpile of all-stars. They get Halladay, and you can pretty much write off the division for them. That rotation combined with their lineup would be a juggernaut of epic proportions.

While the Red Sox have two studs in Beckett and Lester, they need to get Halladay not so much to bolster their rotation (although that would give the best in the league, hands down), but to box out the Yankees from winning the division in winter.

Come on Theo...

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