December 2, 2009

Fitness Tracker

Casey's fat.

Yes I am. I sit all day at work and over the past 6 months I've had a round trip commute of two hours a day. And I got fat.

So now I have grown fat. (See pictures below)

And therefore I decided it was time to change this.

And that's what this section is about. It's about me getting into shape.

The JustSON Fitness Tracker.

Here's my measurements from week one (last week).

Weight: 196 lbs.

Biceps flexed: 14.5 inches

Biceps unflexed: 14 inches

Forearm unflexed: 11.5 inches

Chest (at nipple line): 38 inches

Waist (at belly button) 37.5 inches

Hamstring: 23.5 inches

Calf: 14.75 inches

Neck: 16 inches

I'll update this periodically and let you know how the training is going. So far I've started a program for the past two weeks of conditioning for 20 minutes and then lifting weights.


AFTER: To Be Determined.

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