April 29, 2010

I'm not going to make anymore fat jokes

You really shouldn't call people fat (which I do). You really shouldn't judge people about their weight (which I do). And you really shouldn't make fun of women about their weight (which I do).

Looks like I need to learn a lesson. Apparently one guy did when he called a woman fat during a party. She bit his freakin' ear off.

Flood said three men in their twenties at the party were arguing with the rest of the partygoers as they left around 3 a.m. Then, Flood said, one of the men shouted an insult at Godfrey.

Godfrey allegedly ran half a block, tackled the man and bit off a chunk of his right ear.

Flood said the missing piece of the man's ear was not found, and he would likely require plastic surgery.

Good God. Something tells me that alcohol or drugs may have played a little bit into this. Because if she really was hungry, she would have gone to McDonalds.

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