June 26, 2010

World Cup Live Game Blog

Alright, I am pumped for this World Cup match-up against Ghana. So pumped, in fact, that I'm going to do a live game blog. Follow along! (Keep in mind that times aren't Pacific Time but rather Mountain Time since I have moved)

Click here for the live game blog.

12:10 - I've had more coffee than a Starbucks groupie. I'm buzzing. BUZZING. USA! USA! USA!

12:14 - Reason Ghana is dicked for this game. The bandwagon for the USA went from a Ford Pinto to a Sherman Tank in roughly two days. Oh, and they don't have indoor plumbing.

12:18 - Question, do you think ESPN plays up the African theme a bit too much. I mean I know the World Cup is in Africa but do we really need the tribal chants and drumming. Isn't that a bit too stereotypical?

12:21 - I've had like four chill moments just in the game's pregame coverage. This is going to be awesome.

12:23 - Difference between the US soccer team and the US basketball teams. In basketball we have the best athletes possible. No real suspense. The soccer players? They've been made fun of all their life for playing soccer in this country. Now they could possibly do something that's never been done before in history. Suddenly the high school soccer team doesn't look so stupid.

12:25 - Is it weird to stand up during the national anthem on TV. And are they playing it from a tape recording. And who's singing along in the stadium? That's so cool. You can hear the entire stadium singing it. Chill moment. The World Cup is awesome. Lets see an NFL stadium do that.

Ghana.... I don't think anyone knows the words to your national anthem. Hum deeee dummm stars... dummm deeee doooo.. daaaa....

12:28 - Ah I see the refs look just a douchey as they do in other sports. And Kobe is in the crowd! Kobe Bryant! Hopefully Ron Artest is here too to thank his counselor after the US wins.

12:30 - And we're off! still 0-0 in the first minute. Shocking!

12:31 - For the record, I have no idea where Ghana is.

12:34 - Ghana has a young team, and meanwhile the US' best player is Landon Donovan and he's going bald. Wonderful.

12:35 - CRAP.

12:36 - Ghana scores and it seemed liked the defenders and goalie were a little lax on that play. "This is not good for the US already" and we're boned.

12:38 - My friend Stephanie just said "Don't worry, we score late" and I naturally said "That's what he said." BAZINGA!

12:43 - We should have Bill Clinton sit next to the Ghana's player's wives section. That would be a great distraction.

12:44 - Or we need George W. Bush sitting by the Ghana bench going "We're gonna invade you for your oil!" ... and this blog just became political... sorry.

12:46 - Actually why don't we have a former president at every international event like the World Cup or the Olympics. Wouldn't that be a cool tradition.

12:49 - "The United States looking like rabbits caught in the floodlights" ... in case you didn't know, that's not a good thing.

12:51 - Clint Dempsey, have your knee meet a cleat. OWwwww.

12:53 - Best cross and chance for the US so far. They need a whole lot more than that to get back into this match. Really they need to match the same tempo as Ghana.

12:55 - I feel like I'm watching the West Coast Offense of soccer when they US has the ball. When Ghana has the ball, it's kind of like "ah, whatever, we'll wing it."

12:57 - The Vuvuzelas would be deadly in the hands of Philadelphia fans.

12:58 - Ghana is just all around better handling the ball but the US seems a little more technically sound.

1:00 - If Ghana somehow trots out Aaron Boone or Jorge Pasada with all these subs, I may start rocking back and fourth and mumbling.

1:05 - Awesome chance for the US and it went kersplat! Can we bring out Big Papi to knock in a clutch goal for the US? PLEASE! Can Wakefield come in and shutdown Ghana's offense? WHERE IS DAVE ROBERTS WE NEED DAVE ROBERTS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

1:06 - Just got a look at Ghana's coach and he looks like a strip club owner. Awesome. Ghana nearly scores again. Holy crap.

1:08 - From Matt Hasselbeck's Twitter.
Hasselbeck - Daughter just asked me if #10 for USA was the Dave from Alvin & The Chipmunks.

1:11 - From friend Stephanie - "haha when they show Donovan running in slow motion, I suddenly hear Baywatch music in my head"

1:16 - First half over, US - 0, Ghana - 1. They're gonna have to make some adjustments. Meanwhile, we're gonna need some support from the fans!

Okay maybe not. Alright, taking a break for halftime.

1:27 - Unintentional comedy scale of Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger is through the roof.

1:33 - The US craps out again on another close chance. Killing me. Absolutely killing me.

1:34 - I hope you're right Arlo White
arlowhite - So, Feilhaber on, Findley off, Dempsey up front off Altidore. Buddle still available late on. The US WILL score..


1:39 - That would be a great WWE moment. "Hold on, the Americans are making a sub. Good god, is that the Black Mamba's music! IT IS! KOBE BRYANT!"

1:44 - just crapped a brick on that latest attempt by Ghana.



1:52 - I cant wait until they open the Landon Donovan school for kids who want to score goals better. And it wont be a center for ants...

1:56 - Agreed
sportsguy33 - Tim Howard doesn't get enough credit for those Wes Unseld/Bill Walton-like fast break outlet passes he throws.

2:02 - The US is moving the ball really well right now. Wow. Now if they can only convert. 

2:03 - 13 minutes in regular time, would love to see the go-ahead goal here. 

2:05 - Ghana playing up the ball more, is the US out of juice? 

2:09 - So we'd have to play another half hour if we tie in regular time? Looks like we don't need to finish things up quickly or anything. 

2:14 - I don't like how this game is playing in the later stages.

2:18 - rainnwilson I think Landon Donovan should be put in charge of the war in Afghanistan.

2:20 - Overtime. Let's hope that the US has put in some conditioning... 

2:25 - And we're off with the third half! 

2:27 - How tired must these guys be right now, because unlike other sports there's really no stop in the action for each half.

2:28 -

2:30 - When I see Bill Clinton shots, I think he's talking about Somalian Warlords. 

2:33 -  WhitlockJason - Clinton: "Tell Nelson (Mandela) I'm only gonna need 2 strippers and one cigar. It's just me and Mick."

2:40 - Well this is depressing.... 

2:42 -  FO_DougFarrar - USA throwing long bombs into a prevent defense. Is Norv Turner the coach now?

2:59 - Well thank god we didn't have to fight Ghana in the American Revolution. 

3:01 - The US loses and I'm a sad Panda...



  1. Loving the blog man- sorry about the score; number 3 for Ghana is FAST!

  2. Thanks man, it's looking like ESPN's world cup ratings are going to take a nose dive after this...

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