August 20, 2010

Why Casey is wrong about the Huskies

Being in Montana now, I can tell that most of the Inland Northwest doesn't exactly jive with Husky fans like Casey. After he wrote that purple and gold-tastic article that basically did nothing but brag about the Huskies, I felt the need to retaliate. First off here's how you spot a husky fan...

1. Girl Pants - Husky fans always wear girl or mom pants.
2. They're never at Husky games - They're too busy doing things like writing music, crying about their ex, cutting themselves, generally not caring about football and generally doing douchey things.
3. They dont have a job - Because they're a bunch of freeloading hippies!
4. They don't like WSU fans - Because Coug fans have jobs, like to put in a hard days work, and could drink them under the table.
5. They don't know they aren't good - Remember when they beat USC and everyone was like "oh, CHAMPIONSHIP" and that didn't happen. In fact they didn't finish the season with a winning record. Just saying.

Second, you're the Notre Dame of the West Coast, except much worse. You think your program is awesome and it's not. It hasn't been good for quite some time. And your stadium stinks like mold.

And finally...

(I'd show a photo of a UW Cheerleader too, but I don't think the width of this blog could take the size.)


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