November 27, 2010

The most un-American American

Say hello to the douche of the year. This guy stabbed a Mariner during a "Toys for Tots" drive. Awesome, don't let the loser door hit you in your arse on your way to jail. Oh and don't drop the soap.

(CNN) -- A Marine Corps reservist helping in a "Toys for Tots" drive was stabbed Friday when he grappled with a fleeing shoplifting suspect, authorities in Augusta, Georgia, said.

Cpl. Phillip Duggan, 24, suffered a single stab wound. He was treated and released from the hospital later Friday, Sgt. Dan Carrier of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office said. "He's doing fine."

The suspect attempted to conceal property and was confronted by Best Buy employees, authorities said. An employee struggled with the suspect, who brandished a knife. The employees backed away from the armed man to prevent any injury to themselves or customers, Carrier told CNN.

Duggan and several other Marines wearing their dress blues were conducting the annual toy drive in the breezeway of the Best Buy when they heard the commotion and saw the suspect flee through the store entrance, Carrier said.

Duggan tackled the suspect and other Marines also moved to stop the suspect, who stabbed Duggan once in the middle of his back, close to his spine, Carrier said.

The dude is a Marine though and just walked off the stab wound (okay he went to the hospital and is doing fine). The shoplifter? Enjoy going to court for assault with a deadly weapon.

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