November 26, 2010

Watch Cats fight while you read my "Predators" review

I must stress that you need to watch the entire video, it's hilarious and perfectly timed to the music. You might note that the birds are being big dicks during this fight.

Now, if you're bored, here is my review of the movie "Predators."

Predators (Rated R) 2010
An action movie with Topher Grace and Adrien Brody? That doesn't exactly get me pumped and spouting off Arnie lines going into it, but this could essentially be called a smart homage the original "Predator."

Several of the world's best killers find themselves all in a strange jungle after dropping from the air. Not the most complex plot in the world, but not a bad one either. At first they try to figure out where they are and then they realize, a little to quickly for my tastes, that they're on another planet where Predators hunt them... dum dum dum!!!!!

I do feel that the acting is done quite well and Adrien Brody does a fine job as the main lead. However, I keep have this nagging feeling he was miscast. In a movie like "Predators" you should go for at least one big Hollywood Gun instead of a guy known for dancing under pianos. Topher Grace actually fits in perfectly and I actually found myself not rooting for him to immediately get disembowels. A rare feet after Grace completely bastardized Eddie Brock and Venom in Spiderman 3. He plays a docter that is seemingly out of place among all the other soldiers and baddies but a nice twist at the end keeps you on your toes. One of my favorite characters Oleg Taktarov as the Russian bad arse. Plus he had a mini-gun.

All the action is done quite well and nothing is over-the-top ridiculous, all things considered. It would have been nice to see less of the Predators though. I felt that one of the biggest things in the original movie was that you didn't see the thing for very long and half of it was imagination. I understand that after a few movies, the scariness kind of wore off BUT I felt the movie was a whole lot more effective before they showed up and started ripping heads off. The build-up was great, and it was have been better to see them as a more stealthy ghost hunter to make it spooky. Just nitpicking here though.

As mentioned earlier, they figure out where they are and what's going on a little too quick. It's necessary for the movie to move along, but still felt kind of forced.

This are small things though. Overall it's a solid hollywood popcorn action movie, and the best Predator movie since the original.

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