July 15, 2011

Harry Potter!

Went last night to the Polson Showboat Theater for the midnight showing of Harry Potter and it was weird to begin with for a couple of reasons.

1. I hadn't seen the last three movies so I was a little behind on what was going on in the whole Harry Potter universe but I'm sure you can excuse me for that since I'm a 20-something male and being a hard-core Potter fan would just be a wee bit weird.

2. I was watching the movie in Polson, MT and it literally felt like everyone in town was at the movie. No joke. And the dressing up was at a minimum because that's not who they roll in Montana.

3. Our paper had just done a feature on how the theater had switched from film to digital projectors so it was cool to see the kind of new-wave of theater technology.

Anyways, it was an awesome movie but I won't go into too much critical analysis because me talking about Harry Potter would be like Miley Cyrus talking about the NFL... not exactly an expect on the whole thing but there were some things I liked about it though.

SPOILER ALERT - I'm not going to ruin the entire movie, but come on, don't freak out... the books have been out for a long time.

1. Be prepared for akward cleavge shots of Hermione. Not kidding.

2. I found myself laughing at Voldemort more than being scared of him. This guy is like Charlie Sheen, Smeagle and the bad guy from "Waterworld" all rolled into one. Every scene he's in, it's very entertaining namely because he's the wizard version of that bar guy douche.

3. Final Epic Battle in the Matrix Trilogy < Final Epic Battle in the Harry Potter Series. It's pretty awe-inspiring and in this age where we've seen roughly a million different takes on a huge battle, this one is pretty unique and awesome.

4. Voldemort handles crunch time about as well as Lebron James.

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