December 11, 2012

More large rocks headed toward our planet

Gosh, isn't this kind of old? There are countless rocks floating through space and some of them just so happen to occasionally hit Earth.

Oh wait, it could cause the end of our species? Well perhaps we should spend a little more money on lasers or tractor beams or something. So it was rather strange that nobody really talked about a 100-foot asteroid that passed between the Earth and Moon this morning.

While it wouldn't has spelled the end of human kind if that rock did find its way through the atmosphere... say over a large city... it could have done some serious damage. Good thing we're spending money on professional sports stadiums instead of a space program that could ward off these dangerous problems.

And stay tuned folks, there is a three-mile (read: serious problems for planet Earth) rock that was pass within four million miles of the planet. Now that seems like a long ways, but considered the cosmic scale (HUGE) and whats at stake (HUMANKIND), that's pretty darn close. Throw in the Mayan prophecies and it's all a bit spooky.

You'd think that maybe it would be something people should pay attention to but alas, the story on asteroids are buried among the topics on Google News. Apparently it isn't that big of deal. I guess people are just assuming we're going to pull of some Armageddon-like miracle (even though the space shuttle is designed for low-earth orbit).

It's just pathetic that we only made it to the moon because we wanted to beat the Russians. Forget progress and actual benefits for the human race, as soon as space became somewhat bland the public lost interest. If you want to hear about great accomplishments by America in space, you have to read books now.

All we really have to show is the occasional astronaut floating around in low-earth orbit in a space station. Daring Missions like the Mars Rover are still looked at sideways by the public as wastes of money even though they further the exploration of our neighbor planet.

Well, at least we have Snooki...

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