February 14, 2013

Portland Timbers 2013 jerseys

The MLS season is quickly approaching and the league has announced a week-long "Jersey Week". During this week different MLS teams will showcase their new uniforms for the 2013 season. The Portland Timbers will be unveiling theirs on February 28.

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However, since this is the internet and everyone loves leaked uniforms I've found the Timbers new jerseys.

Now there were leaks out there before but those appear to not have been the final design.

And now, here is what is believed to be the FINAL design for the 2013 Portland Timbers jersey:


And all I can say is "SERIOUSLY?!?!"

I'll hold my final judgement until I see these in action, but for now they look bad. Especially after all the thought that went into the teams first jersey. The best part of this jersey is the Oregon logo in the corner that is colored like the city of Portland's flag.  

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  1. Sorry, I will be sticking with my old Timbers jersey from 2012, thank you very much!